The company management is committed to:

Identify Health, Safety and Environmental risks/impacts that may arise due to projects and other operations of BLOOMAX and to establish best operational controls to mitigate adverse EHS risks/impacts by providing adequate required resources.

Prevent injury, ill health, environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources resulting from workactivities and continual improvement of its EHS management system through setting SMART Objectives & Targets.

Ensure Safe Operations to achieve without Damage to other parties (Neighbors, Clients, Public/Govt.authorities in the vicinity who could be affected) by creating awareness and promoting safety culture and behavior in the entire organization.

Strive for continual improvement as our core value by setting EHS objectives, targets and regular performance monitoring with an emphasis on environment, health and safety..

Consider that management is most accountable for Environment, Health and Safety of each employee involved in our operations.

Promote EHS education and training for employees, associated suppliers/subcontractors involved in our operations in order to ensure understanding of the EHS policy, to increase awareness on EHS matters and to provide the appropriate EHS resources for effective implementation.

Communicate the EHSMS and EHS policies to all concerned internal and external parties’ and ensure regular consultation with employees, contractors, EHS team and other relevant stakeholders.

Review the policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization..


Quality Management System OF BLOOMAX Contracting Ltd. is focused on improving customer satisfaction with following process:

Quality Policy.

Quality Targets.

Quality (Assurance System).

Process Definitions.

Process (Work) Flow Charts.


Supporting Softwares.

Supporting Documentation.