The design and coordination of healthcare buildings is by its very nature, particularly challenging. Many factors require careful consideration and coordination:thenature of the facility, the extent, standard and type of MEP services, as well as the specialist systems to be accommodated within the development
BLOOMAX provide many solutions to help your hospital or healthcare facility asit grows. Offering dependable, responsive and innovative mechanical systems,services and maintenance to satisfy your needs. We have experts to manage all of your needs, including these areas:

Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Refractory and Pressure Vessel Repairs
Piping and New Equipment Installs – Including pumps, fans, boilers, heat exchangers, air compressors, valves, regulators, vessels, & cooling towers.
Burner Tune and Control Upgrades and Burner Retrofit
Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis, Alignment and Balance, Infrared Thermography, Oil Sampling, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, and Steam Trap Surveys
New Air Compressors, Oil and Filter Changes, Dryer Repair/Replacement, and Bearing Changes
Positive, negative and neutral air pressure rooms associated with operating theatres, intensive care, isolation rooms and the hospital